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Why Us?

We are a small team of custom label makers in Melbourne who recognise that YOU, the customer, are the lifeline to our business. We are able to supply the smallest of orders for startup manufacturers all the way through to the largest of companies who produce garments worldwide

We are label makers who have been long established in the textiles trade (over 15 years experience), so you can rest assured that we know what we're doing

We are able to offer our services to a variety of industry, including: clothing, footwear, textiles and food to name few. Please contact us with your request for more information

We are able to offer our customers both digital printing and offset printing in Melbourne, depending on their needs. Both of these methods provide different finishes

We take an active interest in your needs and what products will suit them best. We don't just take the easiest option and cross our fingers that you will be happy with the outcome

We are proud to produce printed labels in Melbourne cheaper, quicker and much better than what you would receive overseas. We encourage customers to shop within Australia

Our Expertise
  • Printed Labels

    Mpressive Label Creations has a wide range of materials and foil colours readily available to produce custom made printed labels that will make your garments really stand out on the shelf.

  • woven labels

    Woven Labels

    Woven label are the best way to add extra class to your garment, give it that finishing touch and let your customer know you produce quality garments.

  • Swing Tickets

    Swing Tickets

    Mpressive Label creations can produce Swing Tickets to your own specifications and requirements using a range of thicknesses.

  • Adhesive Labels

    Adhesive Labels

    Mpressive Label Creations can produce a wide variety of adhesive made to order labels in Melbourne to suit any need. If you want your labels supplied on a roll, that’s no problem! We can tailor the tag to suit.

  • Metal Badges

    Metal Badges

    Mpressive Label Creations understands that sometimes metal badges are a more appropriate method of labeling. We are able to completely personalise your badge to suit your brand or the product.

  • Printed Ribbon

    Printed Ribbon

    Mpressive Label Creations carries a wide range of double-sided woven edge satin ribbon to meet your every need. Want to customise that wedding gift or add that finishing touch to your merchandise? No problems!

  • Stickers Printing

    Stickers Printing

    Mpressive Label Creations is able to produce standard or custom stickers in Melbourne that can be used for a variety of applications. Whatever your product is, it will really stand out with these!

  • Food Labels

    Food Labels

    Mpressive Label Creations can produce food labels in Melbourne that are safe to use around food products. It is important that you use labels that are not going to degrade or contaminate the food in any way.

  • Offset Printing

    Offset Printing

    This is the name given to a traditional method of printing that utilises film, printing plates and ink. Offset printing in Melbourne is actually the method that we use for most of the orders that are placed with Mpressive Label Creations.